What Exactly is the Cyber Intelligence?

Doesn’t the sound of cyber intelligence like that you’ve heard from a movie? It is almost like that, but don’t believe everything that you see in movies as they tend to be exaggerated. The basic of it all is at least its principle is still intact. Providing the momentum of the emerging field of the cyber intelligence comes with an interesting report. Such a report would be quite too long to be detailed here, but the least is that it provides you an idea what you need to now about this subject.


When asked about what cyber intelligence is among the experts, they do not wish to define it with an official meaning at all. One of the main purposes of its said paper is to evoke a discussion in order for such discipline to be created. The origin of this idea is due to the threats wherein its main source can be from anyone anonymous inside the cyber domain, not to mention with lots of potential consequences. One of them is economic chaos or even physical destruction. Such use of words may seem like quite a danger for most people, but this is what the public must be concerned about. The people that are in charge of monitoring and responding to such threats are considered the unique coalition of the ones willing from the government, academia and the industry, including the foreign partners.


If you take a look at the present situation, it can be very dangerous wherein it could be likened to the US deciding on the outsourcing of the design of the electrical grids, bridges and many other physical infrastructures wherein it is given to the Soviet Union back in the Cold War.


There are already some groups that have managed to keep up with cyber intelligence, wherein they do accept it as a more sophisticated and even seen comes with the full threat of the management tactics when you compare it against IT security. It offers tools that moving on to a more proactive threat awareness position.


Experts then asked themselves whether or not there is a new need for intelligence discipline in which it addresses in taking a closer look at this new and unique threat. When this is done so, it leads to more questions on how the new cyber intelligence discipline is defined and how it is bound on to a discipline that is to be considered as inclusive to all the players appropriate to this discipline as much as possible, yet it is also considered as efficient, transparent and manageable.


When a cyber intelligence discipline does happen to take root and be established soon, it should demand a discussion of training, skill sets, education the tradecraft which is highly required in successfully conduct very meaningful analysis and collection within the cyber domain. With all the other topics that are also related to this, it will be opened and be discussed deeper among the ones that will be responsible for finally opening up the established of cyber intelligence training.

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