Shave Like a Boss with Your Classic Razors!

Since the 1880s, safety razors or classic razors were already used all over the world. If you haven’t tried to use it before, perhaps you’ve already seen it from your grandfather or your father. Classic razor is the king of all shaving tool before the disposable and electric shaver was invented.

Among the classic razors (maquinillas de afeitar clasicas), the most popular is the DE razor or double edge razor. From its name alone, DE razor contains a double-edged blade that is inserted between the comb plate and the guard plate. Its plate is attached to your handle for gripping. But nowadays, classic razors (maquinillas de afeitar clasicas) are still one of the best shaving tools in the market.

A lot of people are still looking for the classic razors especially the Double-edged razor. Why? This is due to the fact that even if electric razors are faster and easier to use, DE razors are way cheaper. Hence, you can still shave like a boss with classic razors without spending much compared with modern disposable or electric shavers. In addition, it is also gentler on skin to shave with only one blade than four or more.

Based on tests, these are the best classic razors that can suit you:

  • Mühle Kosmo in Bog Oak

This is one of the most comfortable and closer safety razors that passed the tests. Its blade angle locked inside a chrome closed-comb case is matched with its elegant bog oak handle. Its handle may be shorter compared with other classic razors but its excellent grip can allow you to position your blade in any angle to clean your face.

  • Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor Model AS-D2S

As light as its name, this Feather Shaver that weighs 90g. can give you the most comfortable and the easiest way to shave off even your most stubborn stubble. This Japanese-made razor that comes with a stainless steel stand can allow you to shave even with blindfolds.

  • Giesen & Forsthoff Timor 1360 Olive Wood Safety Razor Chrome

By just looking at this razor, you can already tell that it radiates quality while its weight can already tell that it’s for a long-term use. If you shave every day or you’re an infrequent shaver, its medium but aggressive blade angle and closed comb are great to use. Its single blade and stunning design make it a perfect gift for both first-timers and experienced shavers.

  • Rockwell 6C Razor

If you want to level up your size 1 plate up to size 6 plate, this classic razor that sells fast in the market is worth it. Whether you are a beginner with a sensitive skin or an experienced shaver, you can adjust its blade angle and size to reach all hard corners.

Are you still going to settle with your usual electric and disposable shaver, or you will shift to classic razors now? Classic razors are still one of the best shaving tools in the history. In other words, they are cheaper, closer, and less annoying for shaving.

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