Is SIEM as a Service The Right Solution For Your Company?

One of the terms that is widely used in the field of Internet and computer security is SIEM or security information and event management software products, as well as services. These software products and services provide real-time security alerts analysis which are generated by the applications and the network hardware. There are mainly two options for companies that need Internet security – one of the options is to build and maintain their own SIEM service and the other option is to pay for that service to an external provider, which is the so called MSS model.

Nowadays, there are additional options such as the SIEM as a service option or the so called SaaS solution. SIEM as a service is a solution which is partially or completely presented on a cloud environment. Some of the products associated with the SIEM as a service solution are completely new, many others are traditional with the main difference that they are on a cloud and owned by the customer. SIEM as a service offers quite more unique and useful characteristics which is why the interest has been rising in the previous years.

If you decide to use SIEM as a service for your company then that means the infrastructure and the platform of the installation, maintenance and configuration of the software and services are outsourced to the provider which you have chosen for the SIEM as a service. Therefore, you as the customer are only responsible for the development of the content within the application which you are using and the usage of the data within it as well. The responsibilities are shifted from the customer to the service provider which is quite beneficial to the very customer.

When it comes to cost, there is also a complete shift. SIEM setup initial costs can be quite heavy but with the SaaS solution they are also moved to the service provider and therefore you will not need to pay for licensing, consultancies, installation and so on. This can be quite beneficial for companies that cannot spend a lot of money on this field at the particular moment, startups, small businesses, when there is not enough capital, and so on. This might be easily considered as an accountancy issue, you as the business owner are directly connected to this issue and therefore need to carefully consider before making any decisions.

Due to the increasing interest in this model of security information and event management for companies, there are more and more providers of the SaaS services. It is highly recommended to choose a service provider which has been on the market for a certain period of time and is well-known for the quality and stability of the services that they are offering. After all, this service is what provides the security of your personal information and the information associated with your business activities, as well as bank accounts, telephone numbers and everything which is shared on the Internet.

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