How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies sounds like some allergy, right? But if you take these words literally, you would know where this come from. They are your not-so-friendly neighbors since they will annoy you, especially if you have fruits at home. If your fruits have gotten rotten or are ripe enough, they will be the best prey for these fruit flies. Do you want to know how to get rid of fruit flies? Read on to find out.


General information

Fruit flies do not have any much difference from most flies that you see in your home other than they have bigger red eyes and a light yellow-colored body. They belong to the Tephritidae and Drosophilidae fly families and have a lot of cousins with similar characteristics. The fruit fly is also known in other terms, the Drosophila Melanogaster or vinegar fly. It doesn’t matter much knowing the differences of the flies since you are only focused on how to get rid of the fruit flies as much as you can. It can’t be helped when the fruit flies can be confused with the drain flies, but most of the methods you will learn here overlap with each other, so either way they will get affected by what you do. But it doesn’t harm you to know what you are dealing with.


Here are some tricks on how to get rid of fruit flies from your house:


Take out its source

You can’t completely rid of the flies if you don’t destroy the source. Even if you take out the fruit flies that you see in your home, you still have to anticipate another hundred more the next time since you haven’t gotten rid of the eggs yet. This means that you need to give your bathroom or kitchen an extensive cleaning. Check out the fruit and vegetable bins in your cupboard or fridge. Just an old fruit inside these places is all it takes for them to breed. Get rid of all the rotting vegetables and fruits from these places before you add new ones in it. You should also inspect the new vegetables and fruits and wash them so as to get rid of the eggs before you place them inside. The last place to check out is the drain.


Removing fruit flies from the drain

The debris coming from other tasty food could have lodged or got stuck somewhere inside the kitchen plumbing and could be the breeding ground for the flies’ next generation. Check out the covering of the sink using plastic or piece of paper and cover it with a thin layer of honey on its underside. Check it out later to see if this is where the flies are coming from. Old rags, damp mops, and sponges can also be the source of eggs. Clean any object or places where the flies can infest and breed.


It can be difficult on how to get rid of fruit flies from the drain; you have two choices here: use boiling water and drop it in the sink or a solution of baking soda and vinegar. This way it will completely get rid of the eggs.

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