Erotic Toy Destination: Get Your Floggers Ready to Spice Up Your Night!

Are you a fan of the best-selling trilogy book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey? If yes then, raise your hands in the air and put your head held high. I have to admit, I myself is a fan which is why you and I are both on the same page right now.

So, you want to spice up your night with a juguete erotico (erotic toy), right? But, do you even know what a flogger is aside from seeing it on images and movie? Floggers are indeed very flexible sex toys. It can be used in different ways and can be used with a different level of strength or force. Starting from light to medium, to heavy blows or strokes, floggers can be an exciting toy to use.

Since flogging is one of the most commonly used and famous juguete erotico for partners who indulge in BDSM relationships, it can look scary and intimidating for the first time. During the time of slavery, floggers were usually used for harming and scaring people. But nowadays, it’s commonly used for pain and pleasure activities.

It might be seen as a hardcore juguete erotico for intense bed activities since it could cause injuries when abused. But, it’s really pleasurable once you learned how to use it and when to strike it. So, how will you use it for the first time? As a first timer, remember to avoid the spine to prevent tissue or vertebrate injuries. Start from the basic part by flogging the upper back of the body which is far from your partner’s spine.

What are the best areas to use your flogger? Other pleasurable areas where you can use your flogger are in breasts, thighs, and butt. However, you better take note that these areas are red alert when it comes to sensitivity and potential injuries so, be cautious. In addition, there some experts raise awareness that these areas are not safe to flog but, BDSM disagrees as long as you flog these areas lightly.

Thus, I recommend that you to stick to the back for a while as you’re still in the process of learning how to use it. To use your flogger properly, strike it on a specific area repeatedly and precisely. This triggers the build-up of endorphins until you spread its sensation all over your partner’s body. Focus your floggers on large and safer areas such buttocks and back and hit it softly. Give your partner at least 2-3 seconds to react before you strike again.

Believe me, this would not only entice your partner but you as well as you observe your partner’s reaction. Before you take it the next level, take some time to know each other’s limitation and expectations. Use some safe words or signals whether the activity should be stopped or go on. These things would keep you both on the safe side of the bed as you keep an agreement.

Using floggers as your juguete erotico is not a joke, never use it on your partner for fun. Learn how to use and where to strike it properly. Finally, get yours now from

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