Choose the Best Gifts for Bridal Showers

Getting married is one of the biggest days in everyone’s life. Typically, you will get married only once in your life unless something came up and you are bound to another one. But the first will always be special and magical. On the other hand, being invited on wedding days is also one of the most special events you should not miss especially if the one getting married is close to your heart. And the most exciting part of getting married is the bridal showers and bachelor parties. Bridal showers are normally planned by the bridesmaids and maid of honor but you can hire someone else too for that job.

Best and popular gifts for bridal showers:

  • Lingerie – if you are looking for more variety and crazy lingerie that you can’t find in physical stores, you can comprar lenceria online. Choosing the perfect lingerie online won’t just give you privacy but also the unlimited time you want to get. Keep it unique and fun for the bride, comprar lenceria online. There are lots of online stores where you can comprar lenceria online and get a chance for a discount if you buy a whole package.
  • Bedding sets – aside from being practical, you can choose the right bedding to match in the couple’s room and bring some extra sight. Bedding comes in all sizes as mattresses from single, double, twin, to king and cal-king.
  • Dish towel and china – choose a set and design that will suit the taste of the couple especially the bride. Check the materials used, 100% cotton towels are more ideal.
  • Platter – even though couples are preparing for this stuff, it is a tradition to give them platter that will serve as their basic needs as future newlyweds. If possible, you can give them a personalized set with their initials.
  • Coffee maker – keep them in the mood and alive every morning with your coffee maker. Nothing beats the pleasure of drinking a hot morning coffee after they wake up from their honeymoon.
  • Bathing suit for the honeymoon – even though lingerie is already given, don’t forget to buy the bride a pair if a bathing suit for their honeymoon as an extra gift if you comprar lenceria online. If you are not familiar with her size, you can ask the groom for that.
  • Spa kit – spa kit is available in beauty stores or drug stores. You can buy them in a set or you can make a personalized box where you can put the individual items. Bring the spa with them anywhere they go.
  • Magazine subscriptions and scented candles – this is a perfect gift for you soon to be bride friend if she loves to read fashion magazines, health magazines or any kind of reading stuff. The scented candles are a plus set to keep their room extra relaxing and fun to linger while they read.
  • A travel book for her coffee table – newlyweds are always up for an adventure and lots of traveling, you can pick a book with her favorite vacation spots or the places for their future travels.
  • Picture frame – this may be cliché and too common but you can be unique and creative. Instead of giving a plain and boring picture frame, you can put cut outs or a collage in it. put anything in it that might look great and perfect for display.

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