Caring for Your Silver Jewelries

Silver jewelry is one of the most popular and used jewelry through decades and we cannot deny that it’s hard not to be amazed about sterling silver jewels. And between its brilliance, versatility, and its luster, it is easy to see why silver necklace, ring, bracelet and that joyas de plata artesanales are the most popular jewelry for most people.

But unfortunately, some people fine their selves neglecting all the beautiful set of silver pieces in their jewelry boxes for just one simple and annoying reason, the tarnish on their jewelry. Tarnishing takes place when sulfur or oxygen come in contact with the silver jewelry, the chemically bond to its surface and cause the silver to appear discolored or dirty. And not anyone wants that.

The good news is, caring, maintaining and reducing the tarnish in your silver piece is as simple as doing the dishes. And by doing this, all you need is to arm yourself with some few facts about the metal and a few tricks and tips for cleaning and care. Here are some guides for you to be ready to start wearing your stunning silver again with all its shimmer

Prevention and Care of your Silver

  • If you are wearing your silver jewelries often, most especially inside your house, then you must avoid contacting it with some household chemicals which contain sulfur such as eggs, wool, mayonnaise, latex, onions, and mustard, because it will cause tarnish and corrosion. That’s why it is a good idea to remove your silver jewelry when doing some household chores. In addition, direct sunlight also causes silver jewelries to tarnish, that’s why it’s important to take your off your silver piece before you go sunbathing and swimming. Also take note that cosmetics, perfumes, hair products, lotions, and hair sprays are included on the main enemies of silver and will accelerate tarnishing. This is the main reason why a generation of women has been getting dressed with their jewelry last as their finish touch.
  • Always remember that proper storage is also essential in caring for your silver jewelry as exposure to air tarnishes it quickly. Storing silver in air tight plastic bags with anti-tarnishing strips is a great preventative measure in taking care of your silver. But always make sure that you don’t store multiple jewelry pieces inside the same bag, since silver is a soft metal, the individual pieces can scratch each other. Chain or link bracelets should always be kept unhooked or unclasped to prevent scratching as well. And if you can’t use plastic bags, just try to make sure that the storage area has low humidity. In this case, you can also place a packet of activated charcoal, container of silica gel, or a piece of chalk in the storage area just to minimize tarnish.
  • Wearing your silver jewelry more often can help in preventing the silver to tarnish. The natural oils produced by your skin will clean the silver and keep it looking shiny.

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