Are Addtabz Safe and Effective?

Addtabz claim as a brain booster and energy supplement for people who are working and for those who are studying. This promotes mental focus for you to be able to perform your daily tasks well. Its benefits mainly surround with your brain activity and energy level. That is why this type of pill is known for its high concentration effect. Of course, this is not indicated or is not 100% very effective for people who do not have attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and for those who want their mental focus to be enhanced on a day to day basis.

What is an Addtabz?

An Addtabz is an over the counter medication or a non-prescriptive drug and this has an active ingredient called Ampheta-CDP in which it enhances the mental capacity. This also has another version called the Ampheta-HCL. The good thing about this drug is that you can legally purchase it as an OTC medication. However, if you want to be sure with purchasing medication, it would be best to seek consultation or read more about the product like at if you are thinking of weight loss, this medication does not have any claims that would assist a medical weight loss.

Is Addtabz an herbal supplement?

Addtabz is not herbal supplements and its formulation is designed for a non-prescription type of medication so that it is available for those who need it. The level of performance of an Addtabz medication has the same level of Amphetamine drug classification but this has lesser side effects in terms of its chemical version. Furthermore, energy is also sustained efficiently to ensure prolonged function is maintained.

Side-effects of Addtabz

If you are going to compare it with other medications such as Adderall, this has a minimal side effect whereas the Adderall is more on the stronger side of medication. Ensure that you know the difference when it comes medicating in long-term or short-term. As mentioned, always consult your physician so that you will be enlightened and at the same time prescribed the exact brain boosting medication.

In continuation with side-effects, there are no therapeutic claims of side effects from this medication, although, there is some caution that should be remembered for pregnant and lactating mothers. There is should be a proper orientation before these group of classified people is going to ingest the pill. Most of these smart drugs are under the classification of Nootropics. The mechanism of action of Nootropics drugs is that it protects the brain cells thereby improving its mental capacity and functions. This also adds no stress to the body.

If you are struggling in putting yourself together at work or in school, perhaps it is ideal to take Addtabz medication to help you get through all day. This also helps you to work longer hours and staying mentally sharp is important at your work or in school. Therefore, asking your physician with regards to the medication is necessary and it is a must that you know first the medication before taking medicating yourself with a brain and energy booster.

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