3 Top Reasons to Visit a Walk-in Clinic in Mississauga

Illness and accidents can happen any time of the day. Or you might not be feeling well right now. However, your doctor can’t see you until another day when they are back from their travels. It can also be that you need medical attention right now, but paying the costs of ER are too much for you. These are just some of the things that will convince you to visit a walk-in clinic in Mississauga. Not all clinics do receive walk-in patients, but The Queen Clinic receives hundreds of walk-in patients each day.

The Queen Clinic has met patients with different backgrounds and purpose as to why they are visiting their doctor. The reason as to why they are visiting a walk-in clinic in Mississauga falls into one of the following reasons:

More cost effective than ER visit

Most of the time when people feel something that they think is really serious, they go straight to the ER and have it checked. However, it doesn’t mean that if you are in a life-threatening situation that you have to wait for your doctor. Life threatening situations calls for a visit to the ER. Otherwise, it is a visit to the walk-in clinic in Mississauga.

How can you tell that what you’re feeling right now is not life threatening? Some symptoms that tell you a visit to your doctor should be done include minor injuries, flue, sprained ankle or any situation that doesn’t need you to visit the ER. Also, The Queen clinic does not require any urgent fees. They only charge for the service fee, meaning the service rendered by the doctor with you. What’s more, the clinic also recognize insurance, wherein insurance holders may even get free check ups.

Routine check-ups

Many patients always have their check-up routines done regularly. Their doctors are monitoring their patient’s condition whether or not they are doing better or worse. Doctors adjust existing medications either by taking out or adding more dosage depending on the laboratory results of the patient. In some cases, physicians can sign and conduct a physical examination on students whether or not they are eligible to play for sports teams. Adults usually receive annual checkup, which includes cancer screenings and examinations on the reproductive health.

Preventive care

The reason why clinics are highly recommended is that it does not only involve routine examinations. The physician evaluates immunization records in order to determine whether you need any other injections like booster shots. With walk-in clinic in Mississauga, you get to receive other care aside from the aforementioned such as managing chronic conditions.

Minor invasive procedures

Most walk-in clinics provide minor invasive procedures. Depending on your current situation, you might be given sutures if you have some lacerations. If you walk into the clinic with a troublesome abscess, that doctor can simply drain the abscess by draining it.

Non-emergency care

It is not always easy to determine whether you need emergency care or not. But learning that you can still tolerate the symptoms and that it doesn’t need emergency treatment, a walk-in clinic is the answer.

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